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March 26, 2011 / John Sieger

Bustin’ Loose

Click: Bustin’ Loose

The R&B Cadets were, along with me, and in alphabetical order, Paul Cebar, Bob Jennings, Robin Pluer, Bob Schneider and Mike Sieger. You can hear Mike on this track pumping out some serious bottom! This was recorded at a place we called West Hell, a loft in Walker’s Point that was the home of John Kishline and Deborah Clifton, two actors with Theater X, a well regarded experimental troupe. When we recorded this demo up there, we had used Mike Hoffmann (before Semi-Twang) as the engineer and we were able to take advantage of the nice spacious sound. This song has yet to appear anywhere other than on a demo reel, but it is one I’m especially proud of. It was always fun to play it live and here you can get a sense of what it might have sounded like at a gig. I like the Phoenix/scenic near rhyme, though Stephen Sondheim might quarrel with it. The rest of it flows off of the tongue nicely as the band shuffles with authority through this wistful travelogue. The solo was played on a 1962 Fender Strat, the same one I had taken from me at the very first Semi-Twang gig, opening for Emmy Lou Harris. I like to think you can’t play good music on a stolen instrument and I hope the rat who took it (along one more of mine and two more from original member Mike Judy) got his comeuppance. I also like to think, even though there is no proof, that Dorothy Parker was right when she said, “Time wounds all heels.”

© 2011 John Sieger


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