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March 20, 2011 / John Sieger

The Strangest Kind

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The morning after a gig is usually a time of serious recovery—you feel like you should have gotten the number of the truck that ran you over. This morning it feels like it might have been a train. A great show last night with Semi-Twang at Shank Hall, where we celebrated the release of our new CD, Wages Of Sin, has left me depleted, but happy. You might assume it’s a hangover and I won’t deny the fact that a couple of beers did find their way down my gullet—but there are other mitigating factors. For a guy who got into music for the fun, yesterday’s schedule, which ran from a 3:30 rehearsal at the club to about 2:00am, when I pulled the (still unloaded) car into the garage, looked suspiciously like work. During that time, there was an awful lot of standing around, with all the wear and tear on the back and feet that implies. The act of singing, which in my case can approach screaming, along with holding an 8 pound guitar for 90 minutes or so is something I always feel the next day. The posture lessons I ignored in grade school aggravates that even more. If you subtracted the music from this regimen, it would feel like a long day at the airport. But the music is there, making it all worthwhile—thank God. So today will be low key, some laying around and reading, a little running here and there and some musing about what a blast last night was. The song I chose today is a live recording from long ago, at a nightclub called The Underground that closed it’s doors long ago. It’s Semi-Twang doing pretty much what we did last night and I’m sure the next day probably felt similar to this one—maybe a little worse

©  2011 John Sieger

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