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March 16, 2011 / John Sieger

When The Wind Kicks Up

Click: When The Wind Kicks Up

As promised, another cut off the new Semi-Twang recording, Wages Of Sin. We all learned a lot in the years since the first CD and I think this song kind of sums up where we are at right now. The first time around, Semi-Twang played two feels pretty well, one was an all-out Jerry Lee kind of rock’n’roll and the other was what I use to call a “stately groove.” That groove would be something sort of mid-tempo and anthemic, (although I hate anthems) with a touch of seriousness and artistry. Mind you, I still believe artists can be failed entertainers, but still it’s worth something. This song wouldn’t have been something we would have pulled off back then—it has a nice light touch and a winsomeness that speaks to me. Back then we had our foot on the gas much of the time, but this one doesn’t require that kind of energy. It’s still Semi-Twang, but with a few more experiences, good and bad, informing things. I posted a version of this I cut in Nashville a while back. I like that one—but I love this one. The party is Saturday at Shank Hall, come on down and we’ll play it for you.

© 2011 John Sieger


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