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March 10, 2011 / John Sieger

The 5:15 To The Promised Land

Click: The Five-Fifteen To The Promised Land

I’m pissed and I hope the whole state is. We have been hoodwinked by an irresponsible liar and obvious Tea Party wannabe. Music will still happen here, but it will soon be shown the door at public schools, along with art and hot lunches for the disadvantaged. Unions might survive this thuggish attack, but there may have to be strikes. What Scott Walker did yesterday is not democracy but a dirty trick disguised a legislation. Personally, I hope all this will be undone and he comes to the humiliating end he so richly deserves. None of this is guaranteed, but I think the people of this state are tired of his pettifoggery. The rest of the country is starting to get a whiff of him too and I would imagine Sarah Palin in particular is not too happy with the end-around being run on her. Be all that as it may, this is still a song blog and I just stumbled across this tune from last fall that feels prescient. I had no idea Walker would win or that he would attempt to undo any and all socially forward programs, but something must have been whispering in my ear. See you in Madison Saturday.

P.S. I’m not alone, Bobby Tanzillo has posted about this song and Eric Blowtorch in his blog at

© 2011 John Sieger


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