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March 7, 2011 / John Sieger

Lots Of Cleopatras On The Nile

Click: Lots Of Cleopatras On The Nile

I sang this at a house concert yesterday, sharing the stage with Phil Lee and Erik Brace, two very talented guys from Nashville. The concert was hosted by Dave Schlabowske and Liz Schoone, two of our favorite people, along with my adorable and extremely competent wife, Linsey. Dave’s cycle-chic blog, Over The Bars In Milwaukee, more or less inspired me to start Tune Du Jour back in November. His blog is well-written propaganda for a good cause, more people on bicycles in the city. Dave rides his about six miles each way every day (including a lot of icy sub-zero ones) to his job as the city’s bike czar. You see a bike lane in Milwaukee, think Dave, he probably created it. The house concert was flat-out blast, they are getting to be one of my favorite venues—nice attentive people in a wonderfully homey settings. We played without a sound system—very pre-electric and satisfying. It’s a dying art like blacksmithing or applying leeches. This is close to how they made music in Cleopatra’s time, only we had no lyres, just three guitars and a harmonica rack. The lyric again is M.F. and, if you don’t know whose initials those are, you haven’t been reading my blog. Everyday I get up and wish I could think of something as original and clever as “There’s lots of Cleopatras on the Nile.” There is some geographic confusion in this song that I find amusing, with Memphis and Cairo on the Mississippi and Ohio rivers instead of the Nile. If this had been written more recently, we could have added a little Mubarek to make it topical. A little Mubarek, as we know, goes a long way.

© 2011 John Sieger/Michael Feldman


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