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March 6, 2011 / John Sieger

Rosalinda in The Night

Click: Rosalinda in The Night

When presented with the enigmatic lyric to this song, which I received not long after I started writing songs with Micfhael Feldman, I had a full blown mystery on my hands. Who was this Rosalinda? I’m pretty sure she was not your average Kenosha girl, though the name sounded Italian enough to place her somewhere north of 52nd St. But this was not the girl next door, the words hinted at someone a little more dangerous. She probably looked like Natasha Fatale, the beautiful spy from Rocky and Bullwinkle. Mike, who struck us locals an exotic out-of-towner from Milwaukee by way of Madison, was more worldly than the guys I played pool with. He was more likely to have bumped into someone like this than I would have been. (I knew more factory girls than him, though.) All of these speculations—and a love for sinister noir-ish movie themes—made me want to create a darker gothic mood for this one. I wrote it, forgot about it and then I remembered it again—by then, years had gone by and I had a son who could play drums and a spooky sounding organ plug-in for my Pro Tools rig. All the better to enhance the cheesy, imitation Brecht/Weill atmosphere. So with Sam on the drums and Lurch on the pump organ, here is today’s scary feature.

© 2011 John Sieger/Michael Feldman


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