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March 1, 2011 / John Sieger


Click: Gendarme

It all started to unravel in 9th grade. I thought French would be easy, but my grades tell another story. Despite my poor performance in that area, I have always loved the language and will continue to prove it by butchering the pronunciation of every French word in sight. My treatment of these lyrics is especially egregious, but that’s kind of the point—this lyrical update of An American In Paris that Michael Feldman handed me, has a poor tourist trying to locate his main squeeze. Compounding matters, he does something he would never think to do back home in the States—he asks a cop. His one usable phrase is not getting results, as you can imagine. Picture a Frenchman running around your town asking, “Officer, where did my baby go?” This demo starts slowly and almost grinds to a halt before it recovers somewhat at the solo. Don’t worry, the french mangler is coming back to wrestle the whole thing to the ground. After I cut this demo, I consulted with Milwaukee’s top chanteuse, Robin Pluer, who sings beautifully in French, about the pronunciation. She pronounced it DOA and we both had a laugh over it. To all you Francophiles out there, my sincere apologies for serving you the musical version of “Liberty Fries.”

© 2011 John Sieger/Micahel Feldman


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