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February 26, 2011 / John Sieger

The House That Ruth Tore Down

Click: The House That Ruth Tore Down


Please don’t ask me to like baseball—I checked out during the strike and don’t miss it. Greed, greed, more greed, and the Yankees treating the rest of the league like their farm teams. But… I do love the language and the culture. My favorite phrase in all of sports is “can of corn,” which describes a wobbler to the outfield that’s a sure out. This song title, suggested by the very funny and talented Tim Carroll of Nashville, creatively scrambles “The House That Ruth Built”, Yankee Stadium. Babe Ruth, you had to love him—smoking, drinking and carousing his way into the record books. It only works for him and musicians. So I wound up writing most of the tune and Tim did the same for me when I coughed up the title Beam Me Up Scotty Moore. I guess we’re even. On this recently rediscovered rehearsal, we have the outstanding and scary Bill Dwyer on slide guitar and the ever-tasteful and always perfect Joan Besen on Wurlitzer. I was trying my best to imitate a Wurlitzer when I came up with these chords. I used the Bobby Shaftoe tuning I talked about in Second Time Around (E B D G B E low to high). Joan, oddly enough, told me she was trying to sound like a guitar! We are still trying to determine who played the bass and drums. They are both so “pocket” it’s not funny. You couldn’t knock this band out of the groove with the Packers defensive line! Wait… that’s a football metaphor, but that’s how my mind rolls, like a lazy grounder between Bill Bruckner’s cleats.


© 2011 John Sieger/Tim Carroll


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