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February 22, 2011 / John Sieger


Click: Caterwaul


You’re in the middle of a book called “Inside of a Dog,” you hear George Clinton on the radio singing “Atomic Dog,” and your very own cute canine lies curled at your feet. The world is telling you something—it’s time for a cat song!  Lyrics by Michhael Feldman, music by Krazy Kat—this god-awful noise is as close to late night cat fight as I could make it. El-Distorto guitar, played for laughs and a raspy, scratchy vocal through a cheap echo, try sleeping through this noise. The word caterwaul has to have it’s origins in some terrible late-night feline commotion. One lyric change made it possible for me to post this—the prude in me couldn’t go with the saltier term for kitty that can be misconstrued so easily. At what age can I stop being that way?

© 2011 John Sieger/Michael Feldman


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