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February 18, 2011 / John Sieger

The Professor

Click: The Professor

Sometimes dressing smart is as good as being smart. May I recommend the smoking jacket? With patches on the elbow? An ascot, a monacle and a meerschaum complete the look and a dash of Latin can’t hurt. Second cousin to Dr, Desmond, meet The Professor. I didn’t know him until Michael Feldman introduced us and then the idea of matching this tenured ne’er-do-well to a funky beat seemed like a pretty good idea. Thank you Charlie Offer for suggesting this and though I don’t have a good version by the R&B Cadets handy, I do have this almost-finished version. It’s from an almost-finished collection of early Sieg/Feld Follies I like to call Career Disrespective. Another unreleased batch (the producer is a perfectionist!) that will sit around a while longer and someday be collected with other orphaned works in a six-CD set called I Shall Be Unreleased: The Frustration Sessions.  I’m afraid that’s me looped on drums. I may think I’m funky, but real funk drummers do spit takes when they hear things like this. Clyde Stubblefield, Reggie Bordeaux—make sure you have nothing in your mouth if you listen to this!


© 2011 John Sieger/Michael Feldman


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