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February 17, 2011 / John Sieger

Pass The Torch

Click: Pass The Torch

As promised, more from the 4-track vaults. I thought I had this song somewhere, but I was worried that it might be lost. It’s frustrating to actually lose track of a song you like but can’t quite remember. Although this demo is nothing to write home about—it’s low tech and plain as dirt, there was something about it that kept tugging at me. When I came across it with a sense of relief last week, I gave it a listen. I knew I liked it, but I still couldn’t pinpoint why. It’s not clever, but it does have a feeling of melancholy I like—that is once you get past the loud drum machine and the obvious sounding power chords. It’s a whole other question why we would want songs that radiate this mood. I guess any emotion is valid if you can make it seem real. When a song is lying to you, it should at least be entertaining. I guess that’s my definition of a song flop: Bad actors singing unbelievable stories and hoping you will love them. I realize I’ve just slipped into critic mode, so let’s move on… When I was young, a Zippo lighter was every bit as cool as an iPhone is today. I used to use mine to light cigarettes—that’s kind of a dumb thing I got past a long time ago. For Christmas a couple years ago, I bought my son Sam a Zippo. He had just turned eighteen and I knew he was mature enough to not burn down the house or use it to fire up his Marlboro Lights. The Sieger version of passing the torch.


© 2011 John Sieger


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