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February 14, 2011 / John Sieger

Kathrine, With No E In The Middle

Click: Kathrine


I took about twenty-three years, but I finally wrote a song for my wife. She and her sisters are big on custom spellings—there’s Linsey (no D), Jayne (with a Y) and Suzi, which isn’t all that unusual, but not quite as standard as Susie. Observant person that I am, it was just recently that I discovered there was no “e” in my spouse’s first name, Kathrine. (All the sisters have always been known by their middle names.) That’s kind of like not knowing the color of her eyes, which are blue. One of the reasons I never wrote a song for her is that I am not that kind of writer. There are no pages torn from life and confessed to all the world in song form. I like songs like that when they’re good, but I just can’t do it. So instead of adding more mediocre singer-songwriter glop to the environment, I’ve pursued other strategies. (I think I mentioned the “say something incredibly stupid” one last week.) But really, the reason I never wrote a song for this extremely deserving and tolerant woman is that “Linsey” is terribly unsingable. I’m an expert on words as they are sung and believe me, there’s a reason you haven’t heard any songs called “Linsey.” But Kathrine… that’s a different story. It’s a musical name—it strikes the ear in a pleasant way. It pretty much wrote itself. Here are two strategies for staying married 22 years: Learn the exact spelling of your wife’s first name and write her a song. Try to do both of these a little quicker than I did. I love you honey… Happy Valentine’s Day.

© 2011 John Sieger



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  1. Linsey / Feb 14 2011 8:47 am

    Aw, thanks honey. I love you, too! Oh, and nice tune…. xo

    • John Sieger / Feb 14 2011 2:00 pm

      The reason I write songs…

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