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February 9, 2011 / John Sieger


Click: Noah


This is another powder room tune and after listening to it, I’m kind of afraid to go back in there. I have no idea why I wrote a song about Noah, he’s old testament and Catholics, even lapsed ones like me, don’t dwell on that so much. It could be in a musical, if I was inclined to work on one, but we’re a long way from Broadway and special effects alone for a Noah musical would cost more than Spider Man: Turn Off The Dark. You would need hundreds of animals and animal whisperers, too. They’d have to whisper to avoid interrupting the show. Then I would have some investor telling me to work the phrase “forty cubits” into the lyric and I would leave in an artistic huff. So, no big Broadway production. The next best thing? Well this blog, of course. Someone has to hear me doing the voice of God! That’s Sam Sieger very ably supporting me on drums and if you think I was trying to be Tom Waits or Randy Newman on this one, I confess.


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