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February 7, 2011 / John Sieger

Foot In Your Mouth

Click: Foot In Your Mouth


Someone asked me a long time ago, “Why do you hide your light under a basket?”  That’s a very good question and I finally have an answer. That answer is, “How do you know there is a light under my basket?” My strategy in conversation has often been to flip through a sort of mental rolodex (nowadays more of an underpowered search engine) as I try to find the very dumbest thing to say. I have to sort through several options and trying to respond in a timely fashion is a real challenge sometimes. Having always confused stupid with funny, (I think I may still need the difference explained to me) I feel secure enough socially to let people decide which one I am. This of course affords me the delicious option of tasting my own foot from time to time and on many of those occasions it’s been easy to detect a hint of the beer it was marinaded in. This strategy usually works up to the point where I am reminded of some thing I’d rather forget. Shortly after that, regret, shame and apologies ensue. This song is about a different kind of shoe taster, a guy so sober and shy he can’t talk to his main squeeze. This is the first or second thing I wrote after we relocated to Nashville in the ’90s. It had about as much to do with the prevailing tastes on Music Row as Chinese classical music. I might as well have been writing opera.


© 2011 John Sieger


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