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February 3, 2011 / John Sieger

Honey Pie

Click: Honey Pie


Let me see… I seem to recall a song with this title from somewhere. Some famous group or other on one of their big records. The Stones? The Kinks? I’m getting nothing—anyway, you can’t copyright a title. Did you know that? I also have a song called I Want You. That title has been used by The Beatles, Dylan and Elvis Costello! This one has lyrics by M.F. and I love the line about unclenching your teeth. I especially love, “I can’t take the way your taking it.” I bet McCartney would like that! I’ve fooled and fooled with this song in the studio and keep coming up a little short of the mark, at least by my German-Catholic-perfectionist standards. It’s a hard thing to be. An artist should have a sense of when to let go, but sometimes it’s hard. You keep crafting away at something until you find you have sucked all the life out of it and then you have to scrap it. The thing you were looking for in the first place could only have happened in the first few minutes of it’s existence. The masterpiece above this paragraph took a but ten seconds—I bet you couldn’t tell!


© 2011 John Sieger/Michael Feldman


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