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January 30, 2011 / John Sieger

Happy Landings

Click: Happy Landings


More late ’80s… I was a busy boy and Semi-Twang was a busy band. Not all of our demos were of the lo fi loft variety. This one was recorded at AD, a million dollar, state of the art studio in the 411 building downtown. It was the Henszey brothers’ place, Michael, Dan and Dave and they treated us like kings! I just finished working on a new recording of Michael’s group, The Bystanders. It must have felt somewhat funny for him to be in my basement studio (nowhere near a million dollars) where we did a lot of the vocals, but he was enough of  gentleman not to show it. Among the many wonderful toys at AD, which included a to-die-for Neve counsel, was a glittering rack of effects that we made good use of. From the evidence you’ll here on this track, you might say a little too much. At the start of the digital revolution it was hard not to indulge. The song has lyrics by Mike Feldman, pretty droll as usual: “It’s not that I’ve never been kicked out before—Just not at twenty-thousand feet before!” Happy landings, indeed. We did a few more songs at AD, some with the help of Jerry Harrison, but most of them with Mike Hoffman at the desk. There are a couple I really like and I’m looking for them. So sometime in the near future you can swim once more in a sea of reverb and echo!


© 2011 John Sieger/Michael Feldman


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