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January 24, 2011 / John Sieger

Don’t Go

Click: Don’t Go

This song is about ten years old. I was writing a lot back then, but in a sort of unfocused, scatter-shot way. Wait… that’s how I always write! Never mind. This one is built on a little riff I like with a weird passing note and the chorus in a different key. If you could put a name on why you like the Beatles and the Beach Boys so much, (assuming you do) it would be “key change.” Both groups were able to be in any key they liked instantly and knew all the tricks of the trade to keep their songs interesting. You really don’t need to know that though, because all those technical things are there simply to create emotion, which they do. You are being played like a violin, but it sure is nice to be worked over by masters like Lennon, McCartney and Wilson. Music is the only field, aside from chiropractory, where the word manipulation has positive connotations! I don’t put this song among those the work of those vaunted geniuses, but it is pleasant enough to share. Can you guess which tune Diana, Flo and Mary are singing in the picture above?


© 2011 John Sieger


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