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January 16, 2011 / John Sieger

Second Time Around

Click: Second Time Around

In the early ’90s, before the move to Nashville, my home studio was an unheated room off of the attic above the upstairs apartment my wife, son and I lived in. I had a little electric heater and worked on a Yamaha four-track cassette. When I stumbled on this demo recently, I considered ditching my current set-up in favor of that unit, which I now could pick up for about $50. I’m struggling to get sounds this good on gear that costs way more! This is just a drum machine, bass and a tuning I learned as a rookie from a guy named Bobby Shaftoe. Bobby worked in a bar band called the Five Blind Mice out of Illinois and was a cool cat, a real rock and roller. His tuning trick was raising the A string up to B—when you do that some very Stones-meet-the-Band chords are easy to pull off. Not sure what I’m talking about in the lyrics, but it sure sounds like I do. I guess sometimes that’s enough. The drum machine is slapping four on the snare, the chords move in an ominous way and the mood lighting was just right in my little attic sanctuary. Rest in peace Bobby Shaftoe, you was bad!

©2011 John Sieger


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