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January 15, 2011 / John Sieger

Double Bind

Click: Double Bind


The divided self guy above, he’s always pulling his own leg, tweaking his own nose and standing in his own shadow. Can’t get a unanimous vote in a democracy of one! It’s a rough life, but that conflicted soul might be safer to be around than the ones who are 100% sure—we’ve seen the things they can do. This song is kind of about that and kind of just something I was singing and liked the sound of. From mid- September to early November of last year, I took my notebook into the powder room off of the garage every morning and locked myself in (try doing that, it’s harder than it seems) with no escape till I had a song. It helped that I had fallen in love with the sound of a nylon string classical guitar in that claustrophobic setting and that I had a sink on the right side to support my notebook. There was also a throne just hard enough to make me not want sit for more than ten minutes. It was probably time to write a bunch of songs too—sometimes you feel like that and have to give in to it. So I put myself in a double bind of sorts, I couldn’t move in there without smacking my guitar against something and usually, by the time I had a song, my butt felt pretty sore. A good kind of sore.


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  1. don / Jan 15 2011 9:59 am

    Love this one! Great post, great song!

    Doubly glad it’s now….uhmmmmm….”unbound”. Saved it to my JS Greatest Hits WMP List. Right up there with “A Short Eternity”. Really like the nifty nylon quite a LOT. Blissfully still lost in a PaxtonPP&MPocoAmericaRichieGordonCatBobJoniJoanCSNY kinda’ world.

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