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January 14, 2011 / John Sieger

Get You Back Again

Click: Get You Back Again

This one goes out to Bob Sieger on his birthday. People ask me if Bob Seger is my brother and I always say yes, but I think he sometimes wishes he had a different name. A good present might be no more Silver Bullet Band jokes. Brother Bob said he liked the jangliness of the recent posts and this one, from the same batch of Semi-Twang demos, out-jangles them all. I don’t know if I have any songs I like better than this one. Can’t remember if it’s a boom-box demo (maybe) or four-track cassette (probably), but aside from the chit-chat at the beginning and end, there isn’t much I would change. Sitting in on drums is Kenosha native, longtime New Yorker Joe Bonadio. He is one bad-ass drummer. Perfect time, very creative and a little unhinged, in a good way. I’ve always said an artist is a failed entertainer and what I mean by that is this: It’s easy to go all dark and edgy—when you do that, people call you an artist. But it is very hard to provide a real lift and when a song is light-hearted it is often dismissed as light-weight. I wish I could write one of these every day, but it is a rare occasion when old John is able to transcend mere art and rise to that lofty strata called entertainment.

© 2010 John Sieger


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