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January 13, 2011 / John Sieger

Just A Victim (Searching For A Crime)

Click: Just A Victim (Searching ForA Crime)

Pardon the toon, I had it laying around and thought it fit, sort of. This song is from the same period as yesterday’s. Recorded in a dark loft that smelled like processed animal hides and using the bathroom as a very reverby vocal booth. I was starting to bust up my my chord patterns and look for new places to go at that time and this is typical in that respect. You know, you can go anywhere you want harmonically, but you have to make it work. We had a different song-a-day vibe going back then, I would start one each morning, head to the loft with Mike Hoffman and track it with a drum machine. Evenings the band would stop down and finish with instruments and add harmony. I am trying to find more of these, so I can post them. If I handed you a tape back in ’89 or ’90, it was probably loaded with stuff like this. In fact, you may have more than me! If that’s the case, get a hold of me and let me borrow it back. If songs were children, someone would be calling social services.


© 2011 John Sieger


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