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January 5, 2011 / John Sieger


Click Here: Moonbeam



The beautiful erasure you see is by T pot, the nome de plume of my good friend Tom Shannon. He used his eraser to make a second moonbeam on this newspaper image. He is an artist, which is serious, I suppose, but also a very funny, smart guy. Tom is gravitas, T pot is levitas, the division of labor. Both of them have a way with visual puns, not to mention erasers, used here to illustrate an interesting enigma: Who’s moonbeam is real? A perfect illustration of love when you step back and look at it, two stories trying to mesh — who you gonna believe, me or your lyin’ eyes? This song was done at Victor DeLorenzo’s cozy studio, Joe’s, in the waning days of the first Semi-Twang, with Mike Hoffman engineering and, I believe, adding a nice hook on guitar.Mike Sieger on bass and bob Jennings on keys with Mike Murphy on drums. The lyric by another Mike, Feldman. It’s been my good fortune to know and work with a lot of really talented people, most of them are named Mike or Bob. One Victor and one very special Tom.


© 2011 John Sieger



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  1. tom shannon / Jan 5 2011 4:37 pm

    “My song!”

    -Jerry “Gov” Brown

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