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January 3, 2011 / John Sieger

My Good Name

Click Here: My Good Name


When I say rough demo from now on, use this song as your reference. It really shouldn’t be out in the world in this form. If I had people advising me, they’d say “Don’t do it John, you’ll be trashing your good name!” Which brings me to my subject. Why hasn’t anyone that I know of ever grabbed this title before? Keith Richards talks about that feeling in his book “Life.” (Yes, I read it and recommend it for anyone who can say he’s their favorite Stone.) Why are some ideas, which seem obvious when they occur to you, lying around untouched? The other side of the coin: Who told Bon Jovi they ever had a single original thought? I would like to get back to this song and give it a proper effort — I have a lot of songs like that and too little time. My mother used to say, “Give it a lick and a promise!” Actually, her mother said it to her, but it’s still true. One more rambling, random note: This song goes out to David Standridge, who emailed me a nice song he wrote called “Wrongful.” It’s based on a true story of real injustice, the loss of many good names and at least one life. Thanks Dave, for the inspiration for today’s blog!


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  1. dave standridge / Jan 3 2011 12:32 pm

    Would it be wrong to make this a signature song on an album you can call “Bite The Hand”, then come the day you headline at the Northern Lights Theater, play it for your encore..?

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