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December 26, 2010 / John Sieger

John John John

Click Here: John John John

If you have only caught my recent posts and no others, you might be left with the impression that I ply my trade in the world of light pop. These Christmas ditties, pleasant as they might be, have all the heft of of dandelion seeds. Well Christmas is over and it’s time for a little steak and eggs, musically speaking  — we have to settle that holiday hangover! This lyric, is about a guy named John who is not necessarily me, in fact he might be the cousin of Big, Bad John. You’ll have to ask Michael Feldman, he wrote them. This is a field holler, a musical form left untouched by Bach and Beethoven — though Mozart is rumored to have dabbled a little with it. There is some slide guitar at the end and there may be more slide guitar in future posts, now that my favorite glass slide has been recovered. I’ll try not to overdo it though, I’ve always thought that playing slide was the last resort of a scoundrel and can lead to other unsavory acts like wrapping yourself in the flag. I employed it this time because it is an easy way to make a track sound spooky. Happy Boxing Day — would you like some A-1 with that rib-eye?


© 2010 John Sieger/Michael Feldman


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