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December 24, 2010 / John Sieger

I Love You On Christmas

Click Here: Love You On Christmas

If this song was food, your dentist would be warning you about it. Listen to it will drive your blood sugar through the roof. This is actually the ‘lite’ version, at least when compared to one I have with a lovely vocal by a girl named Kara, who was about nine when she sang it. That one is instant diabetes. I can’t bring myself to apologize, though. Without a sentimental side, a somewhat useful wise guy is merely a cynic. I hope this is an honest sentiment and not the cloying, manipulative, Hallmark card kind, but if it sounds that way to you, I understand. It’s meant to be a simple expression of love, one that uses the word ‘gay’ in the earlier, more innocent sense. It’s topped off with the sound of a celeste, the music box sound Mr. Rogers made his entrance to. I have tried to get this song down for years, but it’s elusive and probably doesn’t want me singing it. That seems to be a theme to my last few posts  — it doesn’t look good for me as an interpreter of my own songs. Anyway, I went after it again yesterday and this is the least objectionable of all my takes. I will make a point, once the holidays are past, of trying to post some songs I was actually meant to sing. Till then, don’t make any cute little elves cry and merry Christmas Eve. Ho, ho, ho!


G 2010 John Sieger


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