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December 22, 2010 / John Sieger

Maybe Next Christmas (With The Skeletons)

Click Here: Maybe Next Christmas

The Skeletons, from Springfield Missouri are a great band. I mean great. They play a mix of garage rock, rockabilly, country and beach music that never fails to entertain. D. Clinton Thompson, their guitarist, makes every guitarist who hears him want to lay down their instrument and give up. Former Swinging Medallion Lou Whitney plays bass and does a pretty mean Johnny Cash. He also has a fantastic studio and is a wonderful producer. Bobby Lloyd Hicks on drums and Joe Terry on piano have spent time with Dave Alvin and Robbie Fulks’ bands, among others. I could go on with their bios, but why not visit Sour Snow, a fan site that’s a a pretty good place to learn more? I had the pleasure of recording with them in 2003 — a collection of songs I had written with Michael Feldman and the finished product is called Her Country. This song was left off that CD — even though I think it sounds pretty good, it didn’t seem like the project needed a Christmas song. How many do? The lyric might be a kind of secular prayer for peace, if I may speak for Mike, and again I got a little fancy schmancy with the progression, using the kind of chords Brian Wilson deployed in God Only Knows. As was the case with Christmas Music, it’s a a tough one to sing well — I came close, but no cigar for Sieger this time. Tomorrow I will post the original demo, which has a better vocal but sorely misses America’s greatest garage band. Note to any and all software geniuses out there, please contact me with the program that merges the two versions to make something really good! I’d love to mash them together and put it out. Maybe next Christmas.

© 2010 John Sieger/Michael Feldman


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