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December 21, 2010 / John Sieger

Christmas Music

Click & Listen: Christmas Music

Well this is a surprise! It turned up in my search for Christmas songs I had written — I barely remembered it. It was filed in dusty corner of my memory under ‘noble failure.’ Now listening to it, I realize I like the song more than the singer. It’s a case of not taking my own advice I suppose. I always advise the songwriters in my workshops (There’s a new one Jan. 8th by the way, check my ‘Clinics’ page) not to write beyond there skills and this one really is a stretch for my tonsils. I might be able to work on this vocal and do a better job, but right now it is being passed in the left lane by the vehicle created for it. Again I’d like to ask — Tony Bennett, are you out there? This song is very ‘key-change-y’ in the Tin Pan Alley tradition. It is, as the musicologists might say, harmonically rich. That can be good or bad. I like everything from Howling Wolf to Irving Berlin, so I’m flexible. But when I write in that more complex mode, I have to guard against being too self consciously ‘adult.’ I know, that’s a funny thing for an adult to say. Anyway, I don’t post ’em if I don’t like ’em and this one’s back on my list. Christmas cookie by Linsey Sieger, which begs this question: Have you ever scanned a cookie?

© 2010 John Sieger


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