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December 20, 2010 / John Sieger

Yule Be Fine

01 Yule Be Fine

Writing Christmas Songs has been a minor obsession of mine over the years — it might be therapy or a way to embrace a big, unwieldy pile of seasonal conflicts. Whatever it is, I’m starting to collect a few of them and will dust off one or two more this week before we debut the latest and greatest on Christmas day. The songs I write this time of year divide themselves roughly into two categories, carols and comments. The carols are straightforward, irony free and all on the sparkly surface — Silent Night on a budget. The songs that comment usually deal with the funkier side of Christmas, the holiday that takes place here in the real world, not under some enchanted snow globe. This song from last year is definitely a comment. I roped my wife Linsey into helping out on this one – it’s her recorded debut on autoharp and backing vocals. I also enlisted the little drummer boy, my son Sam, on drums. The Reluctant Family Band! You’ll have to pardon the visual pun, it’s about the best I can muster today — a cheesy Yul Brynner floating above a yule log.


© 2010 John Sieger


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  1. dave standridge / Dec 20 2010 10:15 am

    Picture a box of laundry detergent with Yul on the left and Harvey Korman’s favorite comedienne on the right…
    Sure to become a standard!

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