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December 6, 2010 / John Sieger


01 Foghorn

The ’80s drifted to a close with the slow demise of Semi-Twang. As we pounded away at song after song in our rehearsal loft, things were falling apart beneath our feet, record deal-wise. It’s funny how those companies insist they need to make money! The routine at the time was something like this: I would spend the morning working on a new song, then Mike Hoffman would pick me up around noon. We would head to our spacious space and do a drum machine demo with a couple guitars — just a little sketch. We were recording on a Yamaha four track cassette. We had one of the first Alesis micro-verbs (now pretty much obsolete) and we used the natural ambiance of this gargantuan former tannery to get more atmosphere. Later in the early evening, band members would show up and we would add other parts and voices. Bobby Schneider played drums for a while, but then had to bow out and tend to his growing family. We’d collect a bunch of tunes and send them to California and then wait what seemed like endless weeks to hear to hear from our record company. The mood was a little grim and it influenced the songs. On this one, some poor sailor is drifting too close to the shore, completely lost, sending out a distress signal, perhaps a little too late. I love the sound of this, even with the reverb on 10. You can hear what a creative band we were at the time, Bob’s Jennings spookified organ and Mike Hoffman’s crazoid guitar with Mike Sieger deep in the drum machine’s pocket. The intro is either me of Mike Hoffman, I really don’t know — I was lost in a fog at the time.



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  1. Annie Dubats / Dec 6 2010 2:07 pm

    like iy alot

  2. Your Wife / Dec 10 2010 10:54 am

    Wow, this takes me back! I can smell the tannery. Still sounds great 20 years later….

    • John Sieger / Dec 10 2010 11:08 am

      The romantic lure of tannery fumes!

  3. dave standridge / Dec 10 2010 11:20 am

    This would be right at home on Little Steven’s Underground Garage.
    Would also sound great live.

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