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November 30, 2010 / John Sieger

I Wanna Be The Man

12 I Wanna Be The Man

This is a music geek special, I apologize to civilians — the next post will come from the home planet. Yesterday I put up a version of Wages Of Sin left over from a session years ago in Nashville with the talented provocateur Robbie Fulks. This song is from the same session and they both share a funny musical tic I seem to have developed somewhere along the way — measures of 2/4 or, if you are adding and not subtracting, make that 6/4. I never notice this when I am writing, but when it comes time to chart a song for someone, you have to count beats and, sure enough, I keep finding these landmines hidden in my tunes. I am in no way unique in this regard. I was teaching a great song, New Slang, by The Shins to one of my guitar students and was baffled by the structure, which featured a number of odd measures. I’d have to say it was almost perverse the way they did it, as if they wanted to lose any lesser bands who thought to cover it. If this was their strategy, they still managed to make their song catchy as hell and deliciously melodic. My conclusion — sometimes the melody tells you it needs an extra beat or two, if only to catch its breath, and you must stay tuned to those subtle messages from the ether. In their case a very haunting song resulted and in mine, one I hope you like. This is a pretty straightforward (not counting the odd measures) pledge of romantic fealty.

P.S. This post is #31 — a mini-milestone. I have made to one month, can I make it to a year? We’ll see!

© 2010 John Sieger



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  1. dave standridge / Dec 3 2010 11:53 am

    Thirty (one) days in the whole wide world of the next Great American Songbook.
    Make way, Stephen Sondheim…

    • John Sieger / Dec 3 2010 4:40 pm

      That’s a bit of a stretch till I write Send In The Clowns.

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