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November 24, 2010 / John Sieger

When You Gonna?

When You GonnaThis is another song I wrote in Nashville in the nineties. It’s a good town to write in. There was a sense that great songs hovered in the air just waiting to come down. A good place to get lucky creatively.  A small gap, like the one in the ozone layer can be found in the song cloud right above Music Row, this explains what you hear on modern country radio.  I cut this demo at Blue Planet with a drum machine and, I’m pretty sure, Lorne Rall on bass. That’s me playing chicken with the rhythm and I think that’s me laying on the little slide parts. I could be wrong, but my memory of one thing is as clear as can be — Steve Allen played an beautiful, disjointed gem of a solo and did it in his first take, even though the middle part has an odd number of measures. He literally picked up his guitar, plugged in and knocked out this jagged little masterpiece in about five minutes. It left me dumbfounded. I’m digging how funky this track is, even with a drum machine, and I plan to get it on the next Subcontinentals recording.


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