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November 21, 2010 / John Sieger

Won’t Sit Back And Cry No More (Part 2)

Won’t Sit Back W_Harmony

Yesterday I talked about the amazing and eye-opening performance of Bonita Thompson on this song. When I first heard her sing it, I experienced a sort of fight or flight mechanism. I was either going to be a better singer or hang it up. It was pretty obvious to me that what I was doing was not what she was doing. That was a good thirty years back and last year I finally had the courage to take a crack at it again. I spent a few months trying to improve the demos I had of my earlier co-writes with Michael Feldman and this song was one of them. It has a simple drum loop that I played (I can’t play any other kind). I layered a pile of background vocals — what Feldman calls “The John Sieger Brothers.” It is still waiting on a solo. The lead vocal still falls short of the wonderful Ms. Thompson’s, but I’m happy to say it isn’t adenoidal.


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