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November 2, 2010 / John Sieger

Let The Devil Take The Rest

I wrote this song in Nashville two weeks ago. I was in town catching up with old friends and joining The Long Players for a tribute to John Lennon. I met the amazing Bobby Keys, who blew the solo on Whatever Gets You Through The Night that he blew on the recording with John. He signed my guitar! I also got to chat with Steve Forbert, a real genuine talent and great performer. I stayed with Phil Lee, his wife Maggie and their two mexican hairless dogs. If you’ve never petted one of these animals, you don’t know the meaning of weird. After two nights, I moved to my friends Steve and Linda Allen’s joint. Steve is one of the guiding lights of The Long Players, an amazing guitar player and a laid back, cosmic dude. Linda is hard to describe, but she is one of our favorite people – a ball of slightly crazy, totally positive Okie energy! As the Long Players rehearsed in Steve studio, this little ditty occurred to me. You will probably notice the disconnect between my circumstances and the content of the song. This is more typical of me than a lot of confessional songwriters I could name. I’m afraid if I start confessing, I might blurt it all out! Plus I was raised catholic, as if the title alone wouldn’t tell you that. When I got back to Milwaukee, I was lucky enough to hook up with amazing Bob Jennings of Paul Cebar’s Tomorrow Sound and Semi-Twang. He laid down some pretty gospel-y sounding keys. I sang and played a nylon string guitar — my new obsession and sang into a beautiful AKG C-12, courtesy of the fantastic Henszey brothers. Thank you boys! Brevity, that concept I sacrificed about thirty sentences ago, is the soul of wit. In the future, I’ll try to be wittier.

01 Let The Devil Take The Rest

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  1. michael kloman / Aug 16 2011 1:10 pm

    a lovely song, performance and recording!

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